DMW engineers and consultants

Simplifying complex technology challenges

DMW's technical knowledge and engineering skills enable us to envisage and build unique delivery accelerators. They are used by our consultants and engineers to help solve our clients' complex technical challenges, delivering automated and business-consumable reports and dashboards.

Delivery accelerators allow our consultants to focus on business outcomes, accelerating their initial delivery while supporting the identification of additional insights.

Current State Assessment tool

DMW's Current State Assessment (CSA) Tool complements our clients' existing investments in discovery products and configuration management databases (CMDB), supporting the accelerated assessment, integration, and reporting of tactical and business data sources.

The CSA can be employed to build a consistent single source of truth from many data sources to support outsourcing, migration, or data quality programmes. This can also include automating recommendations for in-scope infrastructure.

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How we can help:


  • > Provide a 'single source of truth' for IT estates 
  • > Automatic refresh to stay up to date 
  • > Integrate disparate IT asset data sources 
  • > Provide a consistent, normalised view of assets 
  • > Facilitate actionable, evidence-led insights

Developing accelerators that support our consultants and clients with their delivery is a very rewarding experience. Our team is growing, helping us to build a positive culture of software development within the firm.


Andrew James 

IP Director


Repository Health Check tool

This tool provides a holistic health check of both code and development practices. Integrating a number of different tools and adding our own checks, the accelerator tool produces a business-consumable health check report for each data repository.

Unlike many existing tools, this also assesses the history of development in the repository and can integrate issues and other information from a number of different providers. Together, this provides a view of not only current potential issues, but also historical development practices. 

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How we can help:


  • > Identify poor development practices
  • > Identify traceability issues
  • > Identify issues reducing delivery velocity
  • > Reduce technical debt & bugs
  • > Support multiple teams/products/tools
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