Facilitating the launch of a new global insurance business.

Credera shaped and led the delivery to build a new multi-billion-dollar global insurance business by entering brand new global markets. The scope spanned operations, estates, regulatory, legal, finance, HR, and technology.

At a glance

Credera partnered with a global insurance company to support them in developing a new shared service centre for a UK opening and the launch of four new country offices. We shaped the programme through board level and agreement of scope, and stabilised the delivery into a multi-project and workstream programme spanning across operations, estates, regulatory, legal, finance, HR, and technology. 

The Challenge

Stabilising delivery of global expansion.

The programme involved establishing a shared services centre and offices across four new countries in a timeframe of under 12 months. Progress was being hampered by a lack of delivery expertise, access to subject matter experts, and a clear framework for programme delivery.

The Solution

Establishing the programme framework.

To address these challenges, Credera strategically approached the situation. We began by formulating a comprehensive scope and securing buy-in from the board. We then proceeded to stabilise ongoing deliveries through a more suitable, multi-project, multi-workstream programme. Robust and practical governance and methodology were established to ensure streamlined progress. We also took the initiative to assemble a well-suited programme team, effectively resolving resource bottlenecks.

The Results

Four new operationally active branches opened in Asia and Europe.

Credera successfully launched four new branches in both Asia and Europe, empowering local cross-functional teams to be fully operational and generate billings. In addition, we established a shared services centre to cater to the London and European markets. The implementation of a well-structured programme has positioned the insurer to seamlessly undertake future phases of transformation.


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