Advancing responsible AI for a better future.

In our rapidly evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force with far-reaching implications. Recognising the immense potential and challenges associated with AI, the AI Global Council is a vital platform at the forefront of advancing AI technologies, policies, and ethics on a global scale. Founded with the vision of fostering collaboration and reshaping the responsible development and deployment of AI, the council serves as a collective intelligence hub for addressing the multifaceted aspects of AI adoption.


Meet the AI leaders who are revolutionising tomorrow.

The AI Global Council is an international consortium comprised of leading experts, policymakers, industry leaders, and academics from diverse fields related to AI.

Adam Floyd

Adam Floyd

Retired Federal Patent Judge, USPTO

Vincent Yates

Vincent Yates

Chief Data Scientist, Credera

Trisha Meyer

Trisha Meyer

Professor of Digital Governance, Brussels School of Governance

Tia White

Tia White

General Manager of AI/ML Marketing Intelligence, AWS

JoAnn Stonier

JoAnn Stonier

Chief Data Officer, Mastercard

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson

Senior Director of Data & AI, GoGuardian

Cecilia Dones

Cecilia Dones

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Columbia Business School

Alisa Miller

Alisa Miller

Chief Executive Officer, Pluralytics

Daniel Henry Cropped

Daniel Henry

Former EVP & Global CIO, McDonald's


Shaping the future of AI to benefit humanity.

Our AI Global Council serves as a prominent advocate for bridging the AI knowledge gap, empowering individuals and organisations to make informed decisions about AI adoption, and fostering an ethical and inclusive AI landscape. These are the values fuelling our AI Global Council’s mission.

The Work Icon

The Work

Advancing ethical AI throughout the world.

Accountability Icon


Establishing benchmarks for responsible AI growth.

Belonging Icon


Ensuring an AI community where contributors are respected and valued.

Education Icon


Providing though leadership and resources to grow and learn.

Sustainability Icon


Increasing the advancement and promotion of sustainable AI.

Community Engagement & Partnerships Icon

Community Engagement

Building collaboration across AI communities, industries, and regulatory agencies.

Change & Governance Icon

Change & Governance

Creating accountable and consensus-driven processes to drive and implement change.

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