The UK insurance market is one of the largest in the world, generating significant revenue and profits for companies who demonstrate underwriting excellence and broad distribution reach. With ongoing advancements in technology and data, we believe the UK insurance market will be transformed over the next five years. We work closely with our clients across the industry to help them accelerate their transformation journey.

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The scale of transformation will be across the entire insurance value chain and broader ecosystem. It will be driven by modern technology enablers and the application of data and advanced analytics. To be successful, insurers will need to partner with expert organisations who understand their industry and have the technical and delivery capability to deliver at scale in a rapidly changing environment.
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Insurers have a clear business strategy aligned to their investment portfolio, underpinned by a market-leading delivery capability. Credera helps clients across the delivery lifecycle, drawing on our extensive experience in Business Transformation and Programme Delivery. We thrive in complex and fast-paced environments, bringing seasoned delivery professionals and proven methods and approaches. 

The ability to execute change will be one of the key differentiators for the insurer of the future. Credera works with clients to transform their IT and Data delivery capabilities by establishing modern operating models, modern architectures, advanced software engineering practices, and agile ways of working. 

Modern marketing technology has the ability to accelerate growth through new business generation, cross selling, up selling, and retention. Credera works with clients to transform their marketing capabilities, combining our expertise in MarTech and data & analytics across direct and intermediary channels.

A cloud-first strategy will underpin the insurer of the future, driving efficiency, agility, and innovation. Credera is partnered with the leading cloud providers and works with blue chip clients to accelerate their journey to the cloud, helping them maximise the potential benefits.

Many insurers are constrained by their legacy estate, with significant implications on operational expenses and change agility. Credera works with clients to establish a pragmatic approach to architecture simplification and modernisation, using established techniques and in-house accelerators to maximise value.

AI, machine learning, and large language models (LLMs) are set to transform every aspect of the insurance industry. We work with blue chip clients to help develop their strategy and implement analytics models which drive enhanced business performance. 

Success with data relies on subject matter experts being able to access data quickly and easily, with absolute confidence in the meaning and quality of that data. They also require the tools to analyse the data and deploy models into day-to-day operations.
Credera works with blue chip clients to define and deliver their data strategy, architecture, operating model, and data governance frameworks. Our approach focusses on making data easily accessible to the wider organisation by prioritising use cases to build capability incrementally, accelerating the time to value from your data.

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