Our Objectives

Developing opportunities for Credera to support our communities across the UK

The CSR team at Credera works to develop new ways for colleagues to volunteer, fundraise, and raise awareness whilst reducing our environmental impact.

CSR Goals & Focus

What are the CSR team's focus areas for 2023?

In 2023, the CSR team will broaden the number of opportunities for colleagues to volunteer their time.

We are targeting two volunteering opportunities per quarter, enabling everyone within the company to use their CSR time and volunteer within our communities.

We are also continuing to support a growing number of organisations through sponsorship and fundraising, and have plans to announce a new charity partner to target our fundraising efforts towards.


CSR day hampstead heath 2

What’s happening within CSR?

The CSR team are currently working with three volunteering charity partners: The Hebe Foundation, Heart Research UK, and Consortium.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help tutor young people through The Hebe Foundation, who have fallen behind in school due to the pandemic. This will provide a great opportunity to help tackle a significant challenge.

We are also working with Consortium to support one of their partner organisations in running an LGBT+ film festival during the summer and LGBT+ Forum.



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