Our Objectives

Environmental education, footprint reduction, and raising money for green charities.

CredClimate seeks to help Crederians make a difference to the world that they live in.

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CredClimate Goals

What are CredClimate's focus areas for 2023?

CredClimate has three key goals for 2023.

We will continue to track our carbon emissions in order to set our medium and long-term goals, whilst continuing to reduce our carbon footprint.

We also aim to increase the number of employees using their CSR days for practical conservation activities in order to give back to our local communities.

Our final goal for this year is to raise money for our nominated Green Charity, The Woodland Trust. We are raising money and awareness through a series of events and encouraging employees to donate via Give As You Earn.


What’s happening within CredClimate?

As part of our wider aim to encourage use of CSR days, we promote practical conservation days across the UK, which are accessible to all of our offices.

We strive to raise awareness amongst colleagues relating to our green initiatives and what they can do to reduce their footprint. This is encouraged through regular internal communication and learning sessions consisting of both internal and external speakers.

We also run a series of fundraising events for our nominated Green Charity of the year. Previous years have seen us fundraising during ‘Green Week’ for Marine Conservation Society UK and Rewilding Britain, where we worked alongside our US colleagues to host a series of social activities and learning sessions. This year, we are organising a series of activities and events with this year’s nominated charity, The Woodland Trust.

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