Gender diversity

What are the Gender Diversity focus areas for 2021?

Our three year goals centre around representation, pay equality, and recognition.

For representation, we aim to meet our targets for senior and total representation for female and underrepresented genders. For pay equality, our goal is to quantify the Gender Pay Gap by business area and ethnicity and meet a target for reduction. For recognition, we aim to gain assurance of our efforts to meet gender equity by attaining external accreditation.

In 2021, we will be publishing a pay gap report, setting up an internal Gender Diversity Committee, updating company policy where gender plays a part, and externally collaborating with similar committees to learn best practices.
Gender Diversity

What are the CredCOLOUR focus areas for 2021?

CredCOLOUR provides a welcoming environment for our staff from all minority backgrounds. We aim to make sure that all people and cultures are represented and celebrated company-wide.

It is our goal to make Credera the most welcoming, equitable, and nurturing environment for people from minority backgrounds and to demonstrate our commitment, we have signed up to the Race at Work Charter and are working to fulfil its five action points. As a starting point, we will record and publish our ethnicity pay gap, promotion gap, and how the racial makeup of the firm changes over time. We will also continue to celebrate major events such as Black History Month, Eid, and Holi, and we are proactive in providing flexibility to staff who are fasting during Ramadan or observing the Sabbath.

We believe were better together

What are the LGBTQ+ focus areas for 2021?

We aim to empower all employees to feel confident in being themselves at work and no one should have to hide who they truly are. We encourage others to act as allies through celebration of LGBTQ+ identities, education around current challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people, and access to external training such as that provided by Stonewall to Diversity Champions.

To achieve this, we will be expanding the opportunities for our LGBTQ+ employees to connect with the wider community by connecting our internal network with external groups such as Out In Tech, including links to our CSR partner Consortium. We will also continue our support for external events such as Trans In The City and campaigns such as the Stonewall-led initiative, and we will be making our first submission to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index in 2021.


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