Gender diversity

What are the Gender Diversity focus areas for 2023?

Our three year goals centre around representation, pay equality, and recognition.

For representation, we aim to meet our targets for senior and total representation for female and underrepresented genders. For pay equality, our goal is to continue to measure gender pay gaps and meet a target for reduction. For recognition, we aim to gain assurance of our efforts to meet gender equity by attaining external accreditation.

In 2023, we will be further measuring our progress by building on our Pay Gap Report, focusing on how everyone can be more mindful of gender-related bias and reviewing our practices to address it. We will also introduce new company policies where gender plays a part, and externally collaborate with similar committees to learn best practices.

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What are the CredCOLOUR focus areas for 2023?

CredCOLOUR provides a welcoming environment for colleagues from all backgrounds. It is our goal to make Credera the most welcoming, equitable, and nurturing environment for all.

To demonstrate our commitment, we have signed up to the Race at Work Charter and are working to fulfil its five action points. As a starting point, we will record and publish our ethnicity pay gap, promotion gap, and how the racial makeup of the firm changes over time.

We will also continue to celebrate and recognise religious and cultural events throughout the year. In line with our people-centric approach, we will be providing flexibility where possible for colleagues who are fasting during Ramadan or observing the Sabbath.

We believe were better together

What are the LGBTQ+ focus areas for 2023?

We aim to empower all colleagues to feel confident in being themselves at work and believe that no one should have to hide who they truly are. We encourage others to act as allies through celebration of LGBTQ+ identities, education around current challenges faced by LGBTQ+ people, and access to external training such as that provided by Stonewall to Diversity Champions.

To achieve this, we will be expanding the opportunities for our LGBTQ+ colleagues to work with the wider community by connecting our internal network with external groups such as Out In Tech. We will also continue our support for external events such as Trans In The City, and we aim to improve on our ranking in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index from our first entry in 2021.

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What are the CredAbility focus areas for 2023?

At Credera, our people are the difference and this is made possible through diversity and inclusion.

Credera is growing fast. We continue to ensure that we have a common understanding of all visible and invisible disabilities that touch all of our lives.

We wish everyone to have the same positive experience at Credera - from initial interviews through to the delivery of great work in support of our internal and client-facing teams. We aim to make the way we do things universal, to the benefit and consideration of everyone.

We continue to further our understanding around what it means to have a disability and learn where we can offer our support, as and when required.

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