Our Objectives

Growing our communities of interest, placing cultural awareness at the forefront of inclusion-led events.

Inclusion seeks to bring people together whilst nurturing individuality, providing an opportunity for all Credera employees to feel included and part of a community.

Inclusion Goals & Focus

What are the Inclusion team's focus areas for 2023?

Our main goal is to ensure that we are continuously evolving how we approach inclusivity as our organisation grows. We aim to ensure that inclusivity is deeply embedded into our organisation and a supporting foundation for our Diversity and Wellbeing initiatives.

As we progress through 2023, we are making sure that we regularly review our self managed clubs, societies and events, taking formal feedback from across the organisation to ensure that we remain employee-focused.


Inclusion events

What’s happening within Inclusion?

Our company culture is such a huge part of what makes Credera a great place to work and we like to believe that our social events and self-managed clubs are one of the many things that set us apart from other companies.

We aim to offer a range of events throughout the year that bring us together as a community. Between the large, company-wide events, we run many smaller but open to all social activities. Previous activities have included a candle making session for Diwali, bake off sessions, virtual quizzes, and a photography competition.

We also offer a varied selection of clubs that cater to a variety of different interests. Our clubs welcome members of all abilities and we actively encourage colleagues to propose new ideas for clubs where any gaps are identified within our existing club catalogue.


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