Kevin McDonald

Kevin is a Managing Partner and joined Credera in 2016. He is based in Houston. His functional responsibilities include serving as the Managing Partner of Credera’s Houston office and leading the firm's go-to-market (GTM) strategy. Additionally, Kevin leads strategic channel alliances and global client relationships across the Omnicom global network of agencies. His professional background includes over 20 years of management consulting, digital, and technology enablement experience, with most of the last decade focused on the intersection of energy and digital. Kevin’s experience helps clients leverage pervasive digital and data opportunities to innovate, disrupt, and transform to customer-centric operating models. His clients gain greater efficiencies and optimisations across customer, supplier, and internal audiences. Additional expertise includes leadership of B2B commercial sales and marketing organisations, global account management, program leadership and governance, B2B/B2C strategy, organisational design and change management, revenue management and pricing optimisation, supply chain optimisation, operational asset reliability and maintenance, and interim executive technology and operations roles. His experience has been applied in industry and consulting roles across Hi-Tech, Manufacturing, Retail, and Energy clients around the world.

Kevin graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Management Information Systems. He is passionate about stewardship and sits on several academic and non-profit advisory boards. Outside of work, Kevin is an avid outdoorsman and loves taking adventurous vacations with his family.

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