Marius Rubin

Marius is the Chief Technology Officer in the South. He joined the firm as a Senior Consultant in 2014 and was promoted to CTO in 2019. Marius leads the firm’s customer-facing technology offering in architecture, intellectual property and engineering. He also continues to work with clients as a strategic technology advisor to their executive teams. Marius has worked across multiple industries including retail, oil and gas, and financial services, with particular expertise in UK government and public sector. His work has focused on deep technology and architecture, particularly in big data, cloud, software, and DevOps. Before joining the firm, Marius worked at Accenture as a technical architect in Advanced Technology & Architecture.

Marius graduated from the University of Oxford with a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages & Linguistics (German). Outside of work, Marius loves to cook, tinker with his home IT setup, and spend time with his wife, Caitlin.

Marius Rubin

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