Credera and Amazon Web Services

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Why our partnerships are different.

Cloud computing and IT infrastructure are strategic elements of organisations who want to innovate and transform. As the technology landscape continues to change, leaders who deploy effective cloud solutions will better position their organisations to grow, improve their efficiencies, and support the overall business strategy.



Amazon Web Services Capabilities

This is how we are helping our clients.

As an Advanced Consulting partner, we offer our clients end-to-end AWS solutions that increase flexibility, scalability, and security while substantially reducing costs and improving performance. We have expertise in delivering AWS projects for DevOps, security, migration, and big data. Our exceptional experience in capabilities focused on marketing and commerce, digital media, and financial services will help you solve your immediate and long-term AWS challenges. Build agile applications to enable innovation and improve efficiency. We use AWS Lambda to solve complex client requirements.

Application Integration
Application Modernisation
Big Data
Business Process Automation
Customer Relationship Management
Content and Collaboration
Internet of Things
Custom Development
DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management
Experience Design
Machine Learning and AI
Visualisation and Insights

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