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Why our partnerships are different.

Our solution experts and technology evangelists work across the full spectrum of industry-leading digital solutions, giving you future-proof transformation for your business to grow. Credera is able to provide Pega solutions through Areteans, a leading global services and solutions company and member of Credera’s network of affiliated companies.



Databricks Capabilities

This is how we are helping our clients.

Our data engineers, data scientists, and data strategists have deep expertise in creating value from data and making usable, Agile data models. All this experience comes together to deliver incredible results that drive business forward.

Modern (Lakehouse) Data Platforms

We help organisations modernise their data lake by moving to the Databricks Lakehouse platform, thereby enabling AI and data engineers to collaborate on one platform. By transitioning to this single, end-to-end, well-architected platform, our clients can achieve a dramatic improvement in time-to-value.

Modern Data Governance

With the Databricks Unified platform, we can help you bring analytics, data governance, and information architecture together. We help chief data officers reframe the problem through the lens of experience design to realise value and democratise data access.

Data Science Innovation and MLOps Pipeline

We can help you easily create an end-to-end AI workflow from data prep to modelling to sharing insights—with a collaborative, unified, data science environment built on an open Lakehouse foundation. Using a fully managed MLFlow-powered MLOps and notebook-based projects, we can accelerate and manage the full ML lifecycle.

Hadoop and Data Warehouse Migration

Our team of engineers will help you retire your legacy infrastructure and migrate to the Lakehouse platform. We will be with you in every step of the migration process, from administration to the business intelligence layer. Our team will help you move into Databricks with minimal disruption. While reducing infrastructure and licensing costs, this migration will unlock the power of data across the organisation to help you meet your service level agreements and streamline operations.


This is how we are helping our clients.

With many years of global business solutioning, our experts define the roadmap which delivers seamless ROI for you from ideation to design, deployment, and implementation. We are always looking for ways to develop robust systems that will see you through future-centric growth, be it through Advanced Decisioning Models, AI, Chatbots, NLP, and more.

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Below is specific information about our PEGA go-to-market solutions through Areteans.

Insurance in a Box

Stuck between configuring constantly evolving features in your underwriting process and delivering the best personalised customer experiences you can? Insurance in a box is your answer. Our scalable and modular application automates several user journeys across a line of business.


Build It Yourself

Like most businesses around the world, do you carry out a significant part of your operations and decision-making on emails and MS Excel sheets? If yes, then our Build it Yourself (BIY) is a simple automated solution that configures your workflows across emails, manual triggers, and MS Excel uploads. Our solution is designed to improve turnaround time with standardised processes and reduced IT dependency.


CLM NextGen

Rising cybercrime, KYC lapses, and AML failures invites heavy penalties from regulatory authorities besides dealing a blow to the reputation of financial institutions. Safeguard your operations with our CLM NextGen - an application that is easily configurable for ever-changing regulations. This low-cost flexible solution is built for smooth onboarding and dynamic verification processes, thus ensuring a consistent customer experience.


Loan Origination System

Why should loan approvals get stuck in long and winding offline process riddled with errors? Our customised Loan Origination System for retail banking customers enables quicker implementation, greatly reducing time to market. With a rich set of features including API-based architecture, the application acts as a starter pack for your onboarding system while enhancing user experience.

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