Customer & Marketing Strategy

In a hyper-competitive, consumer-driven landscape, customer intelligence informs superior marketing strategies that win. Let’s create your lasting competitive advantage.


Know thy customer.


Great organisations know that customer and marketing strategy is about a holistic approach. Combining the right people, processes, data, and technology together can be the difference between a good marketing strategy and one that truly becomes a powerful competitive advantage. As a part of the Omnicom family of brands, we have additional marketing and customer experience capabilities to create the teams of experts to drive client success. Our nimble, innovative, and data-first philosophy equips future-forward marketing organisations with solutions that create lasting customer awareness, demand, and experience.

Customer _ Marketing Strategy - Image 2 CAPABILITIES

Create lasting customer awareness, demand, and experience.

Transform into a nimble, customer-centric marketing organisation.

Customer & Marketing Strategy Assessment

Assess your strategy across people, process, data, and technology to benchmark, assess, and diagnose opportunities to leapfrog the competition.

Leadership Alignment

Build alignment around a unified vision for marketing and customer experience strategy and foster an organisational culture that inspires innovation, agility, and a data-first mentality.

Customer Journey Map

Understand your current state customer journey and any points of friction. Design a seamless experience to augment your customer and marketing strategies and paths to customer acquisition and retention.

Marketing Strategy & Roadmap

Develop thoughtful customer and marketing strategies that clarify your value proposition, define impact drivers, and lay the foundation for transformation.

Customer Experience Transformation Playbook

Create an end-to-end playbook that details the strategy, operating model, and execution tactics to deliver marketing and customer experiences that create and sustain competitive advantage.