Strategy, Transformation, Mar 26, 2021

As DMW Group becomes Credera, what does this mean for our clients and services?

Keith White

After 32 years of being DMW Group, we rebranded as Credera on 15th March 2021. This is a moment that saw our firm establish itself as a global boutique consultancy.

With more than a few mergers and acquisitions in the technology services market recently, our clients might be questioning what will happen to the aspects of working with DMW that they most valued. They may also question how this affects what we can do or how we will work with them and whether there is really any more to our rebrand than a simple name change.

Becoming Credera is much more than just a new name for us – it is an opportunity to re-introduce ourselves with enhanced capabilities and expanded resources whilst still retaining our focus on quality delivery and people first.

The collaborative and supportive culture that we foster internally shines through in the work that we deliver and this will not change. Instead, it will continue to grow as we connect colleagues in the UK and the US in a genuinely collaborative way. Having spent the last eight months working ever closer, we have come to appreciate that the alignment between the UK and the US is uncannily strong. This has only added to the confidence and excitement about what we can achieve for our clients in the future.

As a firm, we remain absolutely focused on delivering business value and accomplishing the best outcomes for our clients and their customers. At the same time, the service strengths that our clients have experienced in working with us will remain and will be added to through increased global capability and experience.

How do our clients benefit from the change?

There are two key ways that our rebrand will benefit our clients – the first is in our new global capability, and the second is in the expanded services that we offer.

Global Reach

Being part of a truly global company provides us with access to a breadth of expertise and experience that can unlock the toughest transformation problems. It also gives us access to new resources, such as offshore engineering, and provides additional options for the ways that we work with our clients.
It is also now easier for us to work with our international clients and the ability to work with new colleagues in the US increases the level of insight and diversity that we can bring to our client engagements. The impact this global reach provides is already being experienced by our clients. For example, our UK relationship with one FTSE 100 client with global operations is now being extended to support their businesses in the US and Far East. With a US Fortune 500 client, we have added UK support to their digital delivery capabilities, growing the opportunity for rapid value realisation.

Expanded Services

Becoming Credera means the introduction of new services, including two that I am particularly excited about - MarTech and Structured Innovation.


The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to accelerate the shift towards digital, and marketing teams have needed to adapt their offerings as a result. Our UK MarTech team has already been working with the US on joint projects to improve website speed, working practices, and technology architecture. Our MarTech capabilities work closely with our existing strengths in cloud, engineering, and data; for example, a recent discussion with a client demonstrated how extending a renewal in CRM infrastructure to the cloud directly supported their marketing aims around personalisation and customer engagement.

Structured Innovation

A challenge that many of our clients have spoken with us about is being ready for the post-lockdown market and absorbing the shift to digital that has come about as a result of the pandemic. Many organisations are seeing innovation as a business imperative, but knowing where to start and what to do is often an open question that can be difficult to answer.

We believe that a structured approach to innovation is a highly effective way to identify, curate, and execute winning initiatives that can deliver sustainable growth. We can provide the means to confidently combine design thinking with a systematic process and move from incubating ideas to executing innovation. Then also responding to feedback and growing the products and services ‘in market’.

In a nutshell

The wider capabilities that we now provide add business depth to our existing technical strengths. Being able to provide this breadth of capability to our clients with the enhanced scale that becoming Credera brings means that there few challenges that our clients can present us with that we cannot handle.

We are bigger, better, and ready not just to help our clients to prepare for the future, but to help them to create a future that unlocks extraordinary results.

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