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Credera launches CredClimate

Priya Kane

Since the launch of Credera’s Sustainability Committee, the Credera team has worked to integrate environmental sustainability into Credera’s DNA in the U.S. offices, with a similar group known as Green Machine doing the same in our Credera UK locations.

As Credera continues to grow globally, we have an increasing responsibility and opportunity to impact the communities around us. So in early 2022, the committee went through an organisational restructuring and name change to provide clarity to the overall mission and goals of the organisation and to better reflect the joint nature of the group. They are now working toward a common environmental sustainability goal across parent company Omnicom as well as Credera offices globally.

The group focused on these efforts now goes by the name: CredClimate.

CredClimate 1

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CredClimate gears up for Green Week

In April 2021, the U.S. Sustainability Committee and UK Green Machine partnered to host Green Week—a week-long series of of Teams challenges, speaker events, and other activities related to environmental sustainability occurring around Earth Day.

This year, CredClimate is preparing for another week of events to celebrate sustainability efforts and educate Credera team members on how to take action.

Beyond Green Week, CredClimate will continue to host educational events to provide a space for learning and discussion on various environmental sustainability issues. The group works to build knowledge on these topics while making strides toward weaving environmentally conscious decisions into how Credera does business.

Building a better future

While we’re still getting started on this journey, we’re making strides to educate our people, ingrain sustainable practices in our day-to-day work, and quantify our results to demonstrate progress. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made to become part of the solution.

View our carbon reduction plan

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