Aug 01, 2023

Credera's Generative Content Accelerator


Today’s consumers are demanding enhanced personalisation from the brands they trust. And it works: There’s a 202% increase in responding to calls to action when they’re personalised. But how do marketing teams create variable and personalised content at scale?

Credera’s Generative Content Accelerator

Credera’s Generative Content Accelerator empowers marketers to streamline the content creation process from ideation to publishing and combines advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools from AWS with flexible integrations to your current marketing technology, all implemented with Credera’s innovative touch.


  • Learn: Our Generative Content Accelerator works within your current digital asset manager to access your high-quality photography library (if you have one) and marketing resource management systems to access your marketing brief. The brief is then “read” using AI to define the themes to activate.

  • Create: Customised generative AI creates images and drafts copy in multiple languages, all without hosting any infrastructure and with all data remaining within your control.

  • Review: After the generated assets are complete, your team can review and edit within a tool like Photoshop.

  • Publish: Once approved, the workflow combines images and copy and automatically ingests them to your content management system that can then be deployed to the website in many iterative and customisable options.

Achieve your marketing goals faster

The automation of this workflow and the power of AI unlocks opportunities for your marketing team to focus on more strategic goals. With this accelerator, your team can unlock faster time to campaign launch, optimise and personalised content by rapidly iterating on and measuring image and copy content. This increases marketing return on investment through both time savings and data model.

To learn more about how Credera’s Generative Content Accelerator can drive your marketing team forward, get in touch with a member of our team.

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