Data, Technology, AI, Aug 03, 2023

How to achieve your marketing goals through AI


In this downloadable article, we offer a practical approach for CMOs (chief marketing officers) to transform their organisations through artificial intelligence (AI).

Why AI matters for CMOs

AI platforms like Open AI’s ubiquitous GPT present a range of new capabilities to marketers that can improve many aspects of the marketing process. While there are many applications, one of the most compelling uses for marketers is the creation of highly personalised experiences for each customer, in turn increasing engagement, loyalty, and conversion.   

But to realise the value of AI’s power for personalisation, marketers must adapt their organisations in several ways. In this article, we look at the potential marketing applications of AI (specifically generative AI) and the actions required to capitalise on that potential.

What you’ll learn

This article dives into the key applications, specific prerequisites, and critical tactics needed for CMOs to realise value from AI. 

Download this article to explore: 

1.    Five key marketing applications for AI
2.    How to move toward an AI-powered experience
3.    Five specific prerequisites for using AI in marketing
4.    The future of marketing-driven AI

The space is evolving rapidly, presenting both opportunities and challenges for marketers. In our estimation, those who stretch their teams into AI now will reap outsized benefits as the space continues to mature.

Download the article

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