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Leeds Digital Festival 2020: Highlights & how to watch our events

Kyle Taylor

It has been a fast-paced 18 months for us in Leeds, and one of biggest highlights is our sponsorship and participation in Leeds Digital Festival.

Our involvement

Having previously attended Leeds Digital Festival as delegates, we took the leap to become first-time sponsors and presenters. It saw us immersing ourselves in the local technology and innovation network, as well as mobilising our own experts into presenting their knowledge and experience to a wider audience. 

Despite all of the socio-political challenges that 2020 has presented, the festival has been a great success, adapting to virtual demands swiftly and calmly. We have witnessed the festival grow beyond ‘the largest tech event in the UK’ accolade into a festival that has reached the far corners of the globe, with speakers and attendees across 60+ countries. 

Our contributions

Our virtual events spanned many topics, from current technology challenges in FSI to how to save money using the Cloud.  All of our events are now available to stream online, including our first set of events in April and our second round of events in September.  

April playlist

September playlist

Final reflections

We have wholly enjoyed our discussions with friends, both old and new, across all of our events and are proud of the response from and support of our colleagues throughout the process. We look forward to continuing the discussion and our involvement in the festival throughout the many years to come.

If you would like to continue the conversations around any of these topics further, please contact a member of the team.

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