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Meet Bhavna Parwani

Bhavna Parwani

We asked Managing Consultant Bhavna Parwani why she chose to join us to further her consulting career.

What attracted you to Credera?

As cliché as it sounds, it was the people! The interview process provided the opportunity for me to meet several people across the organisation, which gave me a great insight into the company’s culture. Credera is all and more than what I originally thought it would be. The firm’s growth plans and the opportunity to influence that growth at Credera really excited me.

What’s an average day at Credera for you?

Every day presents a new challenge and learning opportunity. No one day is really ever the same but a typical day would usually involve working as part of an embedded team with the client to get a real understanding of the client’s challenges and working with them to find innovative solutions.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Credera?

My favourite thing about working at Credera would have to be the family feel of the organisation and the ability to contribute to and influence the firm’s growth. Credera welcomes any ideas and propositions that its people have and provides employees with the opportunity to build on them.

What’s your favourite benefit that we offer?

The care packages that we have received every few months during the lockdown period really showed that Credera cared. I would struggle to choose just one benefit but I love that Credera is truly people-focused and ensure timely recognition and reward.

How has Credera helped you grow in your professional career?

Credera has given me the opportunity to grow and build propositions in Financial Services within the regulatory space and our Data practice. I have had the opportunity to create thought leadership content and also present in an external-facing webinar. These opportunities have really helped me to expand my knowledge in the space and was incredibly rewarding to work with our first client in the regulatory space.

How does Credera motivate you to give your best?

The encouragement and support that you receive at Credera really motivates you to work to the best of your abilities. Working with like-minded and highly driven individuals keeps me going and encourages me to learn and do more. The recognition that we receive both internally and from clients reaffirms the value that we bring, which is incredibly motivating.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

The ability to work collaboratively with the client to identify and implement solutions for their problems and seeing how these solutions have helped to simplify their day-to-day job is really rewarding. Working across different sectors has given me great exposure to and appreciation of the different working environments and styles.

What advice would you give recent hires?

Make the best of the opportunities presented to you at Credera and don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Everyone in the firm is really supportive and will be happy to help you drive them.

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