Culture, Jan 07, 2019

Meet Dr Kim Warren

Kim Warren

Kim Warren, transgender activist and data guru, answers our staff questions to give a better understanding of Credera’s culture.

What attracted you to Credera?

A family friend recommended that I take a look at Credera. I was attracted to it by the strong emphasis on looking after its people, with its careers section talking about being a Stonewall Diversity Champion and being able to make flexible arrangements for people returning to work, as well as things like the training budget and opportunities for anyone to make a difference to how the company runs.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Credera? 

My favourite thing about working for Credera is the people that you get to work with - everyone is genuinely interesting to spend time with and there is a lot of enthusiasm for a range of social activities, such a monthly 5-a-side or board and video gaming evenings.  

What’s your favourite benefit that we offer? 

I'm a big fan of the flexibility of the personal training budget. I've come into Credera from a non-consultancy background, so I appreciate being supported to identify areas that interest me and pick appropriate training to help me shape my skill sets in directions of my choice. 

How has Credera helped you grow in your professional career? 

Credera has given me access to a wide range of opportunities outside of formal training and certification to develop my professional career. I've been sponsored to attend Strata data conference this year, and have been involved in growing our data capacity by building demos for use in sales and helping to train other colleagues. I've also been supported in pursuing broader diversity and inclusion work in the industry, which has allowed me to develop my own networks and grow my profile. 

How have you progressed at Credera? 

As well as developing a consulting skill set from scratch, I've become a go-to person at Credera in a couple of technologies and areas. Being respected and valued for my skills and knowledge and being sought out and consulted where they are relevant has been great for building my own personal confidence, which I can then take out onto clients to enable me to deliver more successfully for them.  

How does Credera motivate you to give your best? 

Credera has a range of formal positive reinforcement mechanisms to help recognise when people have gone above and beyond, such as monthly recognitions at an all-hands meeting. This, combined with the fact that colleagues are in general quick to call out when someone has done something great, makes me feel like putting in effort is really recognised and appreciated, which motivates me to give my best.  

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? 

The aspect of my role that I enjoy the most is the wide variety of challenges that you get presented with. Going onto a new client commonly requires me to quickly learn a whole new skillset or become fluent in a new vocabulary, and it's this need to constantly grow and develop which keeps me focussed and interested. 

What advice would you give recent hires? 

There are loads of options to get involved at Credera, both through social events and by making internal contributions. Get stuck in! There's no need to do everything or to immediately commit to the first thing you see, but if you have something that you are passionate about, don't be nervous about approaching someone to get involved. And if there's something that you wish we were doing that we aren't - start it! 

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