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Meet Jenny Gallagher

Jenny Gallagher

Jenny Gallagher, one of  our senior technology consultants, answers our staff questions to give a better understanding of Credera’s culture.

What attracted you to Credera? 

An impressive client base, a genuine interest in your career and a ‘family–feel’ atmosphere.  Luckily, Credera has exhibited these attributes and delivered more. 

Credera excel in their capabilities and has chosen them not only due to market demand but also in areas where their people want to grow and learn.  This ensures projects are interesting; their people are advancing, and FTSE 100 companies consistently stay in Credera’s client base. 

With weekly catch ups; monthly meetings and bi-annual strategy days; at Credera you are always integrating, sharing ideas and supporting each other; making it a great place to work.   

What’s an average day at Credera for you? 

It’s difficult to explain an average day at Credera.  Each day brings something new, creating a continuously exciting atmosphere at work.  However, most days are filled by client work.  I specialise in Programme Management which in Credera standards usually involves a large amount of stakeholder management and ‘fire fighting’ to get a programme back on track.  For me, I love reshaping a programme and turning it around from being delayed and over budget to on time and in budget.   

What’s your favourite thing about working for Credera? 

The people.  My first few months at Credera were during the summer holidays and I was on a new client with one other Crederian.  It was a challenging client and project with tight deadlines.  My colleague had holiday booked leaving me seemingly in quite an isolated position.  Come Monday morning, my first day on client site alone, I had 3 emails/messages from other colleagues offering help and support or even just coffee.  This is a prime example of Crederians looking out for each other.  This team feel creates the Credera culture of inclusivity; trust and commitment.   

What’s your favourite benefit that we offer? 

Flexibility in your holiday allowance.  Personally, holiday days are invaluable, and I will flex where possible to maximise this time and jump at the option to buy an extra 5 days.  For others, the extra pay by flexing down 5 days potentially leads to a nicer Christmas present.  Either way, this it is a great example of Credera looking to meet everyone’s personal values. 

What advice would you give recent hires? 

The more you put in; the more you achieve.  Credera values your effort and involvement; it will never be overseen.  This also extends to ‘Credera life’ and not just work.  The numerous clubs; CSR events and social groups cater for everyone and ensure you hit that that work/life balance.  And what better way to get to know your CEO than on the ski slopes. 

How have you progressed at Credera? 

It's been a steep learning curve, full of challenge.  Fortunately, I learn best and quickest from doing.  I’ve worked on a range of clients in each of the industry sectors and have had to continuously grow my core skills.  In particular in IT Strategies, Quality Assurance and Programme Management.  This has allowed my confidence in my ability to grow.  I now know with the support of Credera, I can be the ‘chameleon’ that is able to adapt and change according to a client’s needs and their character.  

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