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Meet Melissa Paulus

Melissa Paulus

We asked Managing Consultant Melissa Paulus why she chose to join Credera to further her consulting career.

What attracted you to Credera?

Having previously worked at a larger consultancy, I was drawn to Credera’s smaller but growing size and felt that I would make more of an impact with my work. Within a larger consultancy, the work that you put in can sometimes go unnoticed, and having worked Credera for two years now, I feel that I have a wider purpose within the firm. The ‘family feel’ culture of the company also really appealed to me.

What’s an average day at Credera for you?

At Credera, I have the opportunity to balance client facing work with and internal work. I usually start my day with a 15 minute scrum call with my team, followed by a series of meetings with clients where we confirm status updates and establish next steps. This will often be followed by calls with various team members to try and resolve any challenges that we might be facing as a team. A typical day will usually be rounded off with some internal-facing work.

What’s your favourite thing about working for Credera?

This will probably sound very clichéd but I am sure that my colleagues would agree – one of the many great things about working for Credera is the people! The diversity in terms of skills, knowledge, and experience is so vast, and I am constantly learning from every one of my colleagues – all of them continuing to motivate and support me.

What’s your favourite benefit that we offer?

Credera provides ample opportunity for its people to continue to upskill themselves through certifications. I have found myself studying towards a number of different certifications throughout my time here, taking advantage of the generous training budget that is provided each year.

How has Credera helped you grow in your professional career?

Working for Credera has allowed me to challenge myself and I have been given the opportunity to take the lead on a large-scale project with one of Credera’s strategic clients. The role came with a variety of responsibilities and some challenges, but I always felt encouraged in overcoming them and delivering the best possible solution for the client.

How does Credera motivate you to give your best?

At Credera, I am encouraged to bring my whole self to work. If I fall short in a certain area or recognise any areas for improvement, I am given the space to learn, develop, and grow. This really motivates me to continue to work to the very best of my abilities.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

As Product Manager/ Delivery Manager, I enjoy working with clients and delivering technically challenging projects to drive real value. I also really enjoy the people aspect of my role, where I am responsible for understanding peoples’ goals and aspirations and helping them to shape that through the project role.

What advice would you give recent hires?

If you are looking to develop yourself as an individual whilst engaging in some really exciting projects, Credera is the place to be. The company provides a great opportunity to enhance your learning through relevant technical and non-technical certifications and soft-skills training, and you will continue to learn from people who hold a wealth of consultancy experience.

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