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Small moments, big impact: Bronek Carr's moment of impact at Credera


We all have significant moments in our lives—meaningful experiences that shape us and mould our careers. These moments stand out in our memories. They impact us; and over time, they define us.

These moments don’t always start as something that appears significant. It can be the way someone treats you, a small act of kindness, or even an apology. A defining moment can happen in the blink of an eye.

But small moments can create a big impact—and it’s the collection of these small moments that truly define a culture.

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Moments of impact at Credera

“Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game.” – Louis Gerstner, Former CEO of IBM

How does a company measure and explain their culture? Culture is an intangible. It can’t be seen or touched. Yet it impacts everything about a team member’s experience. And at Credera, we believe it’s what sets us apart.

As Credera expands our global presence, we remain passionately focused on the fabric of our boutique culture and are excited to share the real stories of our people and their moments of impact. We're hoping to showcase what makes this global boutique firm so special through the stories of our people, the most trustworthy source. These moments have defined our culture and will continue to keep us extraordinary, even as we grow.

We’re committed to continuing to forge strong connections between our people, clients, and communities by highlighting the moments that matter the most.

Don’t just take our word for it - hear it from Bronek Carr, Managing Director at Credera:

Bronek's Story

When Bronek's project became increasingly complex, he made the decision to call for help from senior leaders. Leadership's encouraging response created a significant moment of impact.

"The complete opposite of all my fears happened. I got help from across the firm... and together, we came out of that situation happier and the delivery was a success in the end."

The heart behind a global boutique

Credera is a global boutique firm. This means clients and employees have access to a global wealth of expertise, but with the personalised approach that you would expect from a local partner. We offer the experience, expertise, and geographic reach of a global organisation, but the feel of a boutique firm. This is what sets us apart for our clients and for our people.

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