Data, Jan 09, 2023

Technology Tangents | Building a data strategy

Vincent Yates

Credera is excited to announce the release of our first full Technology Tangents podcast episode: "Building a data strategy"

In Technology Tangents, Credera's Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Officer bring leaders together to discuss the modern technologies of today and how organisations should navigate the implications for tomorrow.

The discussions are fun, lighthearted, and frankly opinionated, but hopefully it gives technology leaders a sense of what matters, what to pay attention to, and what to ignore.

This podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Anchor FM.

On this episode 

Not all data strategies are created equally. Some drive real change and transformation, while others gather dust on a shelf or – worse – cause confusion and conflict. But what can you do to ensure yours falls into the first category, and not the second?

There are a few guiding principles to building and implementing a data strategy within an organisation. In this podcast, Credera leaders in the U.S. and UK discuss:

  • What it is a data strategy?
  • What should a data strategy include?
  • How is it different than a corporate or technology strategy?
  • How to implement the strategy effectively

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