Data, Apr 19, 2023

Technology Tangents | ChatGPT may have ended the AI winter: What should companies do about it?

Vincent Yates

Credera is excited to announce the release of our first full Technology Tangents podcast episode: "ChatGPT may have ended the AI winter: What should companies do about it?"

In Technology Tangents, Credera's Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Officer bring leaders together to discuss the modern technologies of today and how organisations should navigate the implications for tomorrow.

The discussions are fun, lighthearted, and frankly opinionated, but hopefully it gives technology leaders a sense of what matters, what to pay attention to, and what to ignore.

This podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Anchor FM.

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On this episode 

As 2022 drew to a close, we saw numerous companies promising to transform an existing business with the power of AI/ML go through major rounds of layoffs and ultimately fail. Aurora, for example, decreased in value by 81%, and many others (TuSimple, Velodyne Lidar, Luminar Technologies) found themselves in a similar boat.

This soon provoked the question: was AI failing?

In this episode of our Technology Tangents podcast, Credera leaders discuss why AI technology wasn't the issue, but rather how organisations were leveraging it. They also share guidance on when organisations should build custom AI or buy preexisting third-party solutions, how to monetise data based on differentiated offerings, and discuss other ways organisations can avoid AI failures.

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