Data, Transformation, May 31, 2022

Podcast: Is low-code the future for marketing?

Emily Crawford

Credera is excited to announce the release of our latest podcast: 'Is low-code the future for marketing?'

This podcast, which is available on  iTunes, Spotify, and Google brings together some of the brightest sparks in technology and transformation consulting to wax lyrical on current trends and challenges facing organisations today.

On this episode

It used to be that when companies needed new information systems, they had to hire a developer or use off-the-shelf software. Now, however, there’s a third option: low-code and no-code applications. But how can leaders know when those applications are right for their organisations?

To delve into this topic, we are joined by three MarTech experts - Vikalp Jain, Credera US Partner, Sean Donnelly, Head of Product at Learning Experience Alliance, and Dan Allen, Management Consultant at Credera UK. The team discuss why there's been a rise in no-code and low-code applications, the benefits and drawbacks of these tools, and what chief information officers and chief marketing officers should consider before adopting no-code/low-code platforms.

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