Savvy CMO Survey - Building the customer experience of the future
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CMO Survey: Building the Customer Experience of the Future (Part 3)

Featuring research from 200 CMOs and senior brand interviews, this third report in our four-part series explores how chief marketing officers (CMOs) can implement an efficient and effective customer experience.

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Key takeaways:

  • The biggest challenges CMOs face in delivering an effective customer experience

  • Credera's four-step methodology to help organisations accelerate true connectedness

  • How to break down organisational silos


This is Part 3 of the Savvy CMO Report

Our four-part 'Savvy CMO Report' explores the biggest challenges facing CMOs today. 

  • In part one, we review how ready organisations are for inevitable data privacy changes and how to ensure this doesn't affect marketing activity negatively
  • In part two, we measure how agile marketing departments are and what they can do to improve speed to market with cross-functional teams
  • In part three, we look at how far organisations are on their CX journey and what they can do to ensure this is set up for optimal success

  • In part four, we explore “tech vs talent", uncovering how confident CMOs are with their current team skillsets and what can be done to up-skill marketers in an increasingly technical environment
CMO Survey - Building the customer exoerience

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