Transformation, Spotlight, Whitepaper, Feb 10, 2023

The Savvy CMO: Building the Customer Experience of the Future

Josh Nicholson

84% of consumers say the customer experience provided by a business is equally important to the product or service they’re buying. Despite this, our latest survey of over 200 CMOs shows that most marketing leaders are years away from “being able to deliver individualised, one-to-one customer experiences.” 

The Savvy CMO Survey

To better understand how organisations are causing these issues, we polled 200 of CMOs in both the U.S. & the UK. The CMOs surveyed work at organisations with a minimum global revenue of $100M (£83M) and an annual marketing budget of at least $10M (£8.3M).

The Savvy CMO Survey Part 3 is the third report in Credera’s four-part series that explores how chief marketing officers (CMOs) can implement an efficient and effective customer experience.

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In this report

We reveal some of the biggest challenges CMOs face in delivering an effective customer experience and present a four-layer model that they can employ to ensure true connectedness and deliver the customer experience of the future today.

Key takeaways include:

  • The biggest challenges CMOs face in delivering an effective customer experience
  • Credera's four-step methodology to help organisations accelerate true connectedness
  • How to break down organisational silos

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