Data, Whitepaper, May 06, 2021

Pocket guide: Realising a data mesh architecture


In this pocket guide, we offer advice on how organisations can successfully implement a data mesh architecture and realise its benefits.

What you'll learn

Written by Mohammed Syed, a Managing Consultant at Credera who has over 15 years' experience delivering data transformation programmes, you’ll gain insights into the latest architectural paradigm in data: the data mesh.

We discuss its key concepts and merits, as well as how to successfully implement this architecture within your organisation to re-imagine how you deliver, manage, and benefit from data & analytics at scale and at pace.

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  1. The underlying principles of the data mesh and why it has come about.

  2. How a data mesh architecture can benefit your organisation.

  3. The common challenges addressed by the data mesh architecture.

  4. How to successfully implement a data mesh architecture.

Who is it for?

This pocket guide is relevant to data & analytics leaders such as CEOs, CDOs, CTOs, CIOs, and Business Decision Makers with a Technology / Data / Product Agenda, as well as any data mesh enthusiasts out there!

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