Data, Featured, Whitepaper, Oct 27, 2021

Whitepaper: Redefining Data Governance: How to let data govern your organisation

Tom Smith

In this whitepaper, Credera leaders outline a strategic approach for success in redefining data governance.

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Redefining data governance calls upon organisations to shift the ownership away from people and onto machines—a necessity driven by the new technological world in which organisations operate. However, to extract real value from intelligent governance solutions, discipline is required to truly redefine data governance and not merely perpetuate the status quo.

In this whitepaper, we address the necessary shifts required to successfully implement intelligent governance solutions, including:

  • Reexamining how organisations should model data flow through connected systems.
  • Leveraging design thinking to inform data governance initiatives in a user-centric way.
  • Implementing automated, intelligent solutions to deliver value to end users.

Download the whitepaper

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