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Creatively and collaboratively delivering social impact

Asima Crewe

To capture and retain people’s attention when it comes to your social value messaging, you need to make it stand out from everyday content. This is why we at Credera partnered with Iconic Steps to produce videos to enhance the quality of our social value delivery. Here’s how we did it.

Partnering with Iconic Steps

It begins with our social value team developing the Credera Consulting Academy. This is comprised of a set of interactive workshops, giving underprivileged students the opportunity to build on their skills and knowledge around a career in consulting that they may not otherwise get. The more Consulting Academy sessions we delivered, the more feedback we received from the students on how to improve it. Around this time, I was told that if I ever needed any videos producing, a company called Iconic Steps came highly recommended.

Who are Iconic Steps?

In their own words, Iconic Steps is a full-service production company run by a team of award-winning creative professionals. They have the expertise to deliver high quality film content across advertising, branded content, documentary, and scripted entertainment. All income generated by their production studio is used to fund their Academy, which is focused on nurturing young talent from diverse backgrounds and specialises in the fields of film production and screen-based industries.

Here’s what Victoria Ijeh-Allen, CEO and Founder of Iconic Steps, had to say about our partnership:

“We worked with Credera on the production of a suite of videos to incorporate into the Credera Consulting Academy workshops. The nature of this project lent itself particularly well to the broader Iconic Steps offering. We held focus groups that informed the creative direction of the project - ensuring the videos produced were relevant and that the messaging was clear. Our Academy has trained thousands of young people in the creative arts, including marketing, copywriting, and entrepreneurship. With Credera’s blessing, we engaged Iconic Steps alumni of a similar age group to Credera’s target audience for this initiative.

As with all Iconic Steps productions, we employed a professional crew to bring the creative vision to life. We were also able to employ members of our alumni as runners on the shoot, providing them with invaluable, real-world, paid work experience.

 We had a great experience collaborating with Credera’s team, who were open to our input and expertise, and clear and concise with their project direction. It’s refreshing to work with people who also genuinely wish to make a difference and shake things up in the creative sector.”

Our work together

Together with Iconic Steps, we have created films covering:

  • How to answer interview questions using the Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR) framework.
  • Why it is important to develop your soft skills, using comedic clips.
  • How to overcome challenges at work.
  • A case study exercise including CEO, employee, and recruitment interviews.

The feedback on the film content from students and teachers has been overwhelmingly positive and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Here is a selection of clips from the videos that the students watch to analyse soft skills in the workplace.

Soft skills comedy clips

One of my favourite moments was seeing the confidence the opportunities can provide for young people. When I was on the film set, I asked a young lady what her role was and she replied, “I’m the Art Director, so everything you see that is beautiful is because of me!” Months later, I coincidentally bumped into her whilst she was working her part-time job and her face lit up as she described how much she had learned and the fun that she has had as a member of the crew for the Credera shoot.  

The fact that we have improved the way in which we deliver social value, whilst supporting Iconic Steps in providing opportunities to young talent, has genuinely been one of the highlights of my career so far. Getting to work with like-minded, fun, and mission-driven people has been a real privilege. To find out more about the social value work we deliver at Credera deliver, please get in touch.

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