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Introducing the AI Global Council: Ryan Johnson


Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world at warp speed. Impacts are felt in business, education, government, and everything in between. That’s why the AI Global Council was formed. This group of leaders from varied backgrounds and experiences has united to think through the implications of advancing AI technologies, policies, and ethics.

Each AI Global Council member brings a unique and necessary point of view to the conversation. Today, we’re introducing Ryan Johnson, a Senior Director of Data and AI at GoGuardian.

Johnson’s one thing on AI

We asked each of the AI Global Council board members to share one piece of advice in the AI space. Johnson’s piece of advice is to keep data top-of-mind as you explore the potential of AI.

“Think more about data,” Johnson said. “With all the exciting, new use cases for generative AI, it’s easy to forget that data is the foundation upon which all this innovation is built.”

A little about Johnson

Ryan Johnson has over 15 years of experience working with data. In 2018, Johnson joined GoGuardian, a technology company focused on providing safe and effective digital learning environments to K-12 schools. Since joining, he has risen to the position of Senior Director of Data and AI and has built and deployed multiple AI-based features for the company’s products.

Johnson’s data work began in the field of neuroanatomy, which led to him receiving a fellowship at UC Davis for finding patterns in large sets of MRI data from children with autism. Prior to joining GoGuardian, Ryan served as a Vice President of Data Science for Centerfield. He also holds a doctorate in neuroscience from Michigan State University.

Explore more about the AI Global Council

The AI Global Council is focused on taking amorphous and challenging topics and sharing a balanced and holistic perspective that can move everyone forward.

To explore more about the AI Global Council, follow along on LinkedIn or get in touch with a member of our team.

Learn about the AI Global Council

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